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of " Roma " and " Impero " ( Empire ) for the. Chronology of the War at Sea, 19391945: The Naval History of World War Two. Vittorio Veneto and, littorio, she was used to bolster the anti-aircraft defenses of various Italian cities. Rome: Italian Navy Historical Branch. Once at La Maddalena, Bergamini would receive further orders (to proceed to Malta) from Admiral Bruno Brivonesi, naval commander of Sardinia, as well as some documents regarding the conditions of the armistice for the Navy. For other Italian battleships named, roma, see, italian battleship. 289 Gardiner Chesneau,. Seconds after the initial blast, the number two 15-inch turret was blown over the side by a massive explosion, this time from the detonation of that turret's magazines. 1 Whitley states that Roma was completed with 28 20 mm guns and the other two were originally equipped with 16, but Garzke Dulin give 32 and. Retrieved Garzke Dulin,. roma escort gay taranto escort

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roma escort gay taranto escort 3 Although Roma took part in training exercises and was moved to various bases including Taranto, Naples, and La Spezia, in the next year, she did not go on any combat missions as the Italian Navy was desperately short of fuel. 273, 344 Mattesini,. A Midshipman's War: A Young Man in the Mediterranean Naval War. 410 Squires, Nick (13 September 2012) "Massive Luftwaffe plane wreck 'found off Sardinian coast. It was discovered about 30 km (19 mi) off the northern coast of Sardinia, at a depth of around 1,000 m (3,281 ft).
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References edit Fioravanzo, Giuseppe (1971). Vittorio Veneto s, even in company with older pre. Battleships: Axis and Neutral Battleships in World War. Roma was commissioned into the, regia Marina on, but a severe fuel shortage in Italy at that time prevented her from being deployed; instead, along with her sister ships. Roma : Ufficio Storico della Marina Militare. The fleet then changed course, but when Germany learned that the Italian fleet was sailing towards an Allied base, the Luftwaffe sent Dornier Do 217s armed with Fritz X radio-controlled bombs to attack the ships. 11 12 Roma and her two sisters were moved from Taranto to Naples, on 12 November, in response to the Allied invasion of North Africa ; while en route, the three battleships were attacked by the British submarine HMS Umbra, though no hits were made. roma escort gay taranto escort

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  1. These aircraft caught up with the force when it was in the Strait of Bonifacio.

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